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Daily Rank Tracking for All 

Ranklogs is the rank keyword checker that is built to be a powerful tool for tracking SEO progress at scale. Whether you are a blogger, a fast-growing startup, or a brand, our Rank Tracker has got you covered no matter the size of your project. Read on to know what separates Ranklogs Rank Tracker from the rest.

Only Rank Tracker with Intelligent SEO Recommendations 

Ranklogs is designed to make it extremely simple and flexible to optimize web pages. Our Rank Tracker provides instant SEO recommendations to improve the on-page value of the content on a page. The keyword Score for this feature is calculated based on over 50 SEO recommendations by Google and SEO experts.

Keyword Score
competitor tracking with ranklogs

Keep an Eye on Your Competitors

Tracking your SEO efforts is helpful, but keeping an eye on the competition is also essential. With Ranklog’s Competitor Tracking feature, you can track multiple competitors for the same portfolio of keywords you monitor.
Track competitors ranking, their traffic, visibility along with you & make your stretagy accordingly.

Ranked Keyword Discovery

Auto Discover Keywords that make a Difference 

Ranklogs Rank Tracker is unique in several ways. Our crawlers auto-discover keywords for which a website is already ranking as soon as the URL is added.
Not only do you get the search volume for the auto-discovered keywords but also estimated traffic volume, search trends, and cost-per-click data for each keyword.
Identifying the keywords for which your website has the best chances of ranking or already ranks puts you at a competitive advantage. For your convenience, Ranklogs Rank Keyword Checker allows adding keywords with a few clicks. Simply pick the most interesting keywords and add them to your daily rank tracking.

Ranklogs Rank Metrix

Rank Metrix 

Checking Your SEO visibility is vital for any SEO project, with our own metrics known as Rank Metrix, ranklogs help you in understanding how well your SEO campaign is performing & how much is the score of improvement in it. It helps you destermine your dominance in search.

Rank Tracker More Features

That’s not all, there’s more

Insightful Project Dashboard 

With a lot of data to show, you get a single-view detailed project dashboard with the most important rank tracking information. We understand the importance of accurate data, so we give you the most critical metrics in the dashboard.

CSV and PDF reports

Reporting is important for agencies, but it can be time-consuming to prepare rank tracking reports. Ranklogs has an in-built reporting system to save you hours better spent on more practical SEO actions. Select the keywords you want to include in the report and click ‘Export.’

Organize into Groups 

Ranklogs makes it easier to keep track of multiple websites by organizing them into Groups. Get a quick overview of a particular Group and its websites with a single click. It saves much time by providing a compact bird’s eye view of multiple websites.

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