Ranklogs Makes It Easier to Take Charge of Your SEO

A great SEO starts when you spend your time on the best opportunities. With our highly comprehensive suite of SEO tools, you get a head-start in the competition . From everyday ranking progress to exhaustive site audits, competitive keywords discovery and backlink analysis , take full control of your SEO from the central dashboard.

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How Ranklogs Can Make Your SEO Journey Smooth

At Ranklogs, we believe in providing foolproof ways to make your SEO fruitful. Stop guessing and take decisions based on data from industry dominating Rank Tracker, Site Auditor, Backlink Monitor and Keyword Explorer.

Unlimited Domains

Never has it been so easy to track the ranking and SEO progress of multiple domains. We allow you to add unlimited domains without any fuss!

A Complete SEO Solution

Ranklogs is an all-in-one SaaS SEO platform that you can utilize to automate your enterprise SERP analytics, local SEO strategies, project improvements and more.

Track Ranking in All Geo Locations-Global and Local

Track website rankings across all major search engines-Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Unlimited keyword tracking for mobile and desktop with insightful data such as search volume trend, keyword difficulty and estimated traffic etc. Ranklogs also lets you track your local rankings.

Audit your sites for Technical SEO

Technical SEO issues can be hard to spot. This is why Ranklog Site Auditor’s crawler digs deeper into your website to find errors costing you ranking and traffic.

Easily discover Critical SEO Errors that are keeping search engines from effectively crawling your site. Identify the issues effortlessly and fix them fast.

Technical seo audit

Discover Link Opportunities

Backlinks are a critical element of effective SEO. Our Backlink Monitor is the ultimate tool to maximize the effect of links by discovering their quality, status and type. Take informed link trimming decisions when you are aware of important metrics like Page Quality, Domain Authority, and Spam Score.

Beat the competition by learning from where they are getting quality links.

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Discover Keywords With Untapped Potential

Ranklogs automatically discovers the keywords you are already ranking for. Utilize the untapped potential of undiscovered keywords that you might not be aware of. Give a big boost to your on-page SEO with these hidden keywords.

Technical seo audit

Rank Tracking like an SEO Pro

If you are a small business or a lone blogger, you do not need some fancy SEO team to be a success. Ranklogs helps you get maximum traffic by intuitively allowing you to set up domains and keywords for rank tracking. Get actionable SEO data that’s updated every day!

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Keyword Research

Whether you are building your project’s keyword list from scratch or want to expand an existing project keyword list, Ranklogs is the ideal Keyword Explorer Tool.

- One-click core keyword parameters
analytics-Search Volume, Difficulty and CPC
- Search Keywords by Domain
- Target Keyword by Country
- Export Keyword Data as PDF or CSV

keyword research tool-ranklogs

Industry's smartest tool for competitive intelligence

Ranklogs auto-discovers your topmost competitors, allowing you to track up to 5 competitor domains. Analyze your competitors against major parameters:

Track rank, traffic analysis, Share of voice comarison, SERP extra etc parallelly.

competitor research tool-ranklogs

Professional White-label Progress Reports to Share with Clients

Download all projects reports as PDF or CSV. White-label reports come in handy to generate seo audit reports for your clients & while sharing progress of any project.

ranklogs white lable seo reports

Rank Metrix for Insightful Project Performance

Our unique domain scoring metric lets you know how well your website is performing in any search engine by combining the performance of individual keywords you have added for the project. Rank Metrix gives you an instant view of your project’s SEO performance.

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